FRP Lining

We area unit the leading FRP Lining Contractors and repair suppliers in Chennai, India. With years of business experience in FRP Lining Services, we tend to area unit skilful and manpowered to supply the subsequent styles of FRP Linings

  • FRP Lining for M/S Tanks
  • FRP Lining for Pickling Tanks
  • FRP Lining on RCC surface
  • FRP Lining for Leak proofing
  • FRP Lining for Corrosion resistant
  • Twin Laminate ( PP/FRP and PVC/FRP)
  • Isopthalic Polyester organic compound
  • Vinyl organic compound resin
  • Bisphenol organic compound
  • Expoxy organic compound

The rosin system used for FRP Lining additionally differs supported the material contact and their corrosion resistance. We've got to pick out the simplest organic compound system that is a lot of corrosion resistance for FRP Lining. The varied organic compound system used for FRP Lining area unit.

Along with these organic compound system for FRP Lining, we are able to additionally do twin laminate exploitation varied Thermoplastics like Polypropylene(PP) and Poly Vinyl Chloride(PVC) We have a sound technical team to settle on the proper material for right application to urge higher corrosion resistant and higher life time.

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