FRP Tank Manufacturers in Chennai

We are the most popular FRP manufactures in Chennai, with many years of industry expert in FRP Tank manufacturing, We are the best to provide the following types of FRP Tanks.

  • Pickling Tank
  • Storage Tank
  • Dosing Tank
  • Pickling Tank: We are most popular manufactures and dealers of FRP Pickling tanks. Now we are contribute this type of FRP tanks producers and dealership services to Steel industries for pickling procedure of M.S as such as Stainless steel coils, bars and pipes. Thermoplastic pickling FRP tanks are produced with best designed Lip Type Hood fume collection.
  • We offered pickling tanks with fixing hood and fume scrubber with centrifugal exhaust fan, ducting network, chimney or stack and Scrubber with piping of thermoplastic re circulation pump. We Manufacture FRP tanks using latest and best technology in plastic welding and has widely supplied large size PP-H tank for pickling procedure that are used in metal treatment and galvanizing industries. These FRP tanks are widely used by metal treatment and electroplating industries all over the world and we are one of the related FRP tank manufacturers/dealers/suppliers.
  • Storage Tank: FRP Fibre is the most popular company in Designing, industrialized and Installing FRP Storage tanks. We are established in production and dealership of FRP tanks in the types of vertical and horizontal. Our FRP tanks are produced by executing various outstanding technologies that give Optimum quality FRP, PVC/FRP, PP/FRP, FRB and FRVE.
  • Our source raw materials used for production & Dealership of FRP tanks which hold high quality from recognized vendors. Before designing and Manufacturing of FRP tanks we assume many factors like Compatibility, Working Temperature, predictable Loading by Content wind and other such important factors in order to guarantee Manufacturing of FRP tanks of high and best quality.
  • Dosing Tank: We are the popular FRP Tank manufacturing and dealership company fabricate high quality chemical dosing tanks. Dosing Tanks are used in many chemicals like alkali, acid, polyelectrolyte, SBS, alum, anti-scalent and many other different chemicals. Dosing Tanks are Manufactured and Fabricated in FRP and twin covered like PP/FRP, CPVC/FRP & PVDF/FRP.
  • Our potential lies in offer genuine solutions to our clients looking for FRP tank manufacturing and FRP tank Dealership services. With a dedicated and pleasant team of FRP Tank manufacturing professionals we are manufacturing FRP tanks from 100 litres to 100 Kilo Litres capacity.

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FRP Tank producing & dealership services to range of industries.